Nov 11, 2023
“Omg, I’ve been to many wine tastings, and this tops them all. When you walk away feeling like you learned not one but several things you will automatically incorporate into your taste and wine choices, well, you’ve learned! Frank is a great teacher and storyteller, and I cannot wait to go back!”


Oct 23, 2023
“It was wonderful! I learned so much, Frank is very knowledgeable about all the wines he had us taste and he also gave us tips while dining out in a restaurant. I will definitely go back.”


Sep 17, 2023
“It is our 3rd time going and brought our good friend Cheri and Tony they had a blast! We also met a wonderful couple! Will definitely go back!”


Jul 18, 2023
“What a great experience! Worth the drive and every penny! Left this place drooling after eating truffle pizza and delicious wine. I am so ready to pinkie up and say, “did you know”!”