Women in Wine Package

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Our Women in Wine series highlights the talented women who have dedicated their lives to producing signature wines.

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There is a growing number of women now either producing wines or running wineries. Many have been doing it for years but have had very little awareness in the industry. Our women in wine series wants to highlight and celebrate these talented individuals who have dedicated their lives into their passions of producing signature wines for us to enjoy.

Lyrarakis Winery – Myriam AmbuzerIn charge of winemaking is Myriam Ambuzer who has been vital in securing Lyrarakis a place in the elite wineries of Greece. Her philosophy emphasizes precision, purity and supple texture of the fruit. She argues it is all about expressing authenticity, achieving harmony and that every variety needs to be worked in its own special way.

Iliana Malihin Winery – Iliana Malihin Greece’s youngest and progressive winemakers from Crete. Just shy of 30, Iliana Malihin has caught the attention of international trade by producing one of the most natural expressions of the Cretan variety, Vidiano. Her winery hails from the mountain villages of Rethymno and she is elevating the reputation of the area by the potential the land has. Her Vidiano vines are farmed organically, and her wines are low-intervention production.

Palivou Estates Vineyards – Evangelia & Vasilki Palivou This historical wine estate is deeply rooted in the heart of Nemea and is now run by sisters, Evangelia and Vasilki Palivou. They’ve taken the reins from their father, Yiorgos Palivou. Their heart and soul have been cultivating the noble red grape, Agiorgitiko and producing expressions of this variety that are magical to all wine lovers. They are also growing a collection of indigenous varieties like Malagousia and Roditis along with international varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.